Date of birth: August 4, 1968 (Age: 48 years)

Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm)

Weight: 165 pounds (75 kg)

Daniel Dae Kim`s height, weight and age

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Hazel

Daniel Dae Kim`s eyes and hair color

Looking at this fresh-looked and toned Korean man, we can hardly believe that he is really 48.

Star of the American TV series Lost and Hawaii Five – 0, Daniel Dae Kim, from his very childhood kept an eye on his body and did sport. In his 48, he looks great thanks to the active lifestyle and fish diet. Over a few last years, Daniel swallowed so much tuna and raw seafood that he hardly had eaten for all his life before. They contain a lot of vegetable protein, which is digested slowly and give a feeling of satiety for long time. Just replacing the fat by lean meat that is rich in proteins (tuna, chicken or turkey), Kim eats 50 kcal less for each meal.

As you understand, to have such hot body just fish diet is not enough. So what does Daniel Dae Kim do in order to look so lean and fitted?

Training, training and training! But…

Daniel found an optimal approach. The actor works every day for 30 minutes, but not a few days a week with several days off. Besides, before the workout Daniel has a long run. In addition, at home he has some equipment, so weight training are often things for Daniel.

One more important thing in keeping body in shape is stretching. It’s a sacred rule for Daniel Dae Kim. But, according to Daniel, stretching is good not only after the work out, but also before it. Yoga and Pilates are quite good for this purpose.

Daniel Dae Kim`s height, weight and age

Finally, mental work is even more important than physical. Your brains should clearly realize and attribute abilities to reality. If one is not young and too healthy, it’s nonsense to expect that the body will show super results and achievements, but it surely doesn’t mean that one should give up. Be reasonable, be strong and evaluate your forces wisely. Nothing is impossible in this life.

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